Meet Our Instructors

Master Bruce

Master Bruce Gallup of World Champion Taekwondo comes to East Haven after having served as senior instructor for 5 years in North Haven.  In addition to his World Champion Black Belt he also holds 1st Degree Black Belts in Tetsu Ryu and American Kenpo and is recognized as 4th Degree Master by the International TKD Federation. He graduated from the Connecticut Taekwondo Institute in 2015. In 2018 he was awarded 3rd Class Master Instructor from the World Taekwondo Academy. He is a recognized US Referee and Poomsae Judge and holds WTF and USAT coaching credentials focusing on Poomsae and holds a current WTF Poomsae coaching license.


Master Bruce is also an active competitor, having competed in the 3rd and 4th Masters Poomsae divisions. His accomplishments include six consecutive state championships, 2016 USAT National Champion, 2016 Team USA Poomsae Team, 10th WTF World Championship in Lima, Peru Bronze Medal, and recently won the silver medal at the 26th Annual US Open Championship is Las Vegas. In 2016 he was ranked 3rd in the world in the 4th Masters Poomsae division.

Business Manager / Instructor Elise

Miss Elise comes To East Haven after having served as an instructor / office manager in North Haven. She is a 2nd Dan Black Belt from World Champion Taekwondo, as well as certified as a referee and in poomsae training by the USAT.


Miss Elise is a competitor in the 2nd and 3rd Masters Poomsae division, and has competed at the local, State, and National levels. She won gold medals in Poomsae and Pairs Poomsae at the 2016 State Championships.







Instructor Brandon






Instructor Daniel